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This collection shows a wide selection of Textile Wallcoverings. You may find inside different threads structures, from very thin ones to chenille effect and chinè by a significant color range to meet any request concerning particular shades (nuances). We use 100% viscose yarns.
Our usual delivery lead time is one week upon order date - for room lots quantities. Mixage is composed by 8 different yarns structures and contains about 75 references. Patterns are sold by 90-100 cm. wide
mixage mixage new
Foiled Wallcoverings
Shambala & Prestige are our brand new Luxury Collections  which have been created thanks to development of new technologies and innovations combined with our creativity and curiosity which are pushing us  to apply them to our production in order to obtain new and sophisticated wall coverings.

Classical motifs reproduced by new printing concept – since we use special foils  – are  giving the ambience a pure Italian style feeling and particular deep elegant atmosphere.
Let’s say our creativity may find concreteness!
Technology employed during fulfilment of Shambala & Prestige allows us to get transparencies and multicolor effects not obtainable with standard print.


shambala prestige
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